Monday, August 15, 2016

Yes we are still here!!

Hello to family and friends.  I do not know where the time has gone and why I have not added any blogs to my collection.  Actually  those four adorable kids above might have something to do with it.  I have been very busy with all four of them  Finnley about to turn 4 next week and sister Frankie  just turned one yesterday.  Seamus  was 3 last  May and sister Ursula  will be one in a few weeks.  They are so much fun.   Their parents are pretty great also and all doing well.
Michael is having a very busy season with the store and the new bar.
We are both excited about our trip..leaving tomorrow.. to Montana in the RV for a month.
So we will send off some pictures and some words of wisdom from the road
Kathy and Michael

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

 Thanksgiving 1015 found us at the new home of Patrick and Heather.  It is a beautiful house with a open floor plan and this great island counter that is perfect for entertaining.  They outdid themselves and had about 30 family members , from both sides, for dinner.  It was a potluck but was still tons of work and we thank them SOOO much for being the hosts.
The appetizer spread could of been dinner.
Mike deep fried two turkeys and they cooked a ham.
The kids really enjoyed themselves and the two babies had lots of willing arms to hold and snuggle.
 Seamus Finnley and Taj were at the "kids table"  but loved it.  Have to wait for them to get older to have them be unhappy with this arrangement.
 The unfinished basement proved the under 4 crowd  with a place to get rid of some extra energy. (it rained all day!!)  This is Finnley, Seamus, Taj and Luca.  Lots of hide and seek and racing going on!
 Deidre and her husband Stephen joined us from Chicago...nothing like smiling Nolans!
 So here are the kids...we were all singing the ABC song to get them to smile and look at us.  The funny part is the video Timothy took of us all singing to the kids.
 So now the blue  couch pictures...Timothy, Casey, Seamus and Ursula.
 Stephan, Deidre, Luca and Taj.  So nice to have them join us.
And our hosts..Patrick, Heather, Finnley and Frankie.
We hope that this post finds everyone in good health and getting ready for Christmas.  We are finally getting some snow but it may still be a green Christmas.  Love to all  Kathy and Michael

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Retirement an a BIG Birthday

Yes it finally happened...I retired on November 16th after 37 years at Munson and 42 years as a RN!  It is hard to believe that it has been so long but I am grateful that I made it to the end and can still smile.  I am planning on enjoying my grandchildren, children, husband .  I have a bucket list and a long to do list.  I think I will be busy.  I will miss the great nurses I have worked with but plan on getting together now and then for some fun activities.

 My Birthday came 4 days later and I turned 65 which is VERY hard to believe.  We had  dinner out at the Elks and then came back to our house for some birthday pie.  Casey made her apple pie which was outstanding.  I hope you are all jealous because you should be!!

 So here they are...the grand kids..Finnley, Frankie, Ursula and Seamus and no ones crying.
 Not to leave out Michael who had his 65th birthday Oct 13th...with Frankie above and Ursula below.
I know these baby girls will have him wrapped around their little fingers in short order!  They are about 5 weeks apart and are starting to adorable.

 We read , read, read...that's what Grandma and Grandpa do.  Seamus loves the Richard Scarey book above and is always able to find the Goldbug.    Finley and I are comparing our curls...hers are much more attractive than mine.
We plan on Thanksgiving at Patrick and Heathers new home.  We wish everyone a thankful holiday.
Kathy and Michael

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Mike and I have sad news about our wonderful golden retriever Riggs.  He died at home on October 11th after a short decline.  His birthday is October 31th and he would of been 13 years old. Our Halloween party was geared around his birthday with him having his own cupcake and birthday song.  We will miss that this year.
 He was great dog and always so friendly, full of enthusiasm and energy.  His last few years were so precious as he was able to get to know our grandchildren Finnley and Seamus.  He was able to teach them how to be around a dog and how to be respectful of animals.
They loved him so much and each talk about him often.
Riggs was able to spend his last weekend at the cabin, a place he was always so happy.
Dogs give us their unconditional love and devotion.
We all need that and it makes bad days better when they greet you and lick your hand.
Riggs talked to you..with an Arr  arr arr to tell  you he wanted a dog biscuit.  I tried to put the video on this blog but it would not play.  Many of you know that talk and how connected to his stomach he was...always wanting another treat!!  Thanks to our neighbors who were so wonderful to him treats and walks when when were not home.
 Mike called Riggs a gentleman...he was so polite.  We will remember him always in a special place in our heart.  Finnley said it best last night..."I miss Riggs but I am happy he is running around  and playing in heaven and having as many dog cookies as he wants!!
Kids are so insightful.
Kathy and Michael

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Another New Nolan!!

 Here she is...our newest grandchild born Sept 21st at noon.  Ursula Emmaline McKenzie Nolan arrived a few days earlier than her due date  and is much loved.  She was born at home while big brother Seamus was with Grandma and Grandpa.  She is a big girl..9# 4oz and 21 inches long.  Timothy said it the best..."she is round all over"  Other than having day a nights turned around baby, mom, dad and big brother are all doing fantastic.

Happy Family!!!

Grandpa and Grandma are so excited to meet Ursula...she was not named till day two of her life so till then she was "little sister"
                                               She has the chubbiest cheeks!!!

 Seamus was a the cabin a few weeks ago and we went for an adventure,  Looking for skunks and badgers...his choice...but we only found butterflies, grasshoppers, flowers, rocks and  ants...thank goodness!
 Finnley has started pre school and is loving it.  She looks like a very accomplished young lady! .  Finnley is learning about being a big sister to Frankie..they are so adorable.

 Mike and I went on a short RV camping trip in the BBB to Cedarville in the UP.  We tried out this way to transport two kayaks and it worked great.  The weather was wonderful  and we relaxed, kayaked and hiked.  Our campsite looked out onto La Salle Island.

 Mike was featured in the Northern Express with a story about his business and how he helped make political change with the smoking law and cigar tax.  It is a great article and can be found online.  We are at the cabin this weekend and brought Mikes new3 person fishing boat out.  He is very excited to start rowing and sharing fishing experiences.
Our best wishes to all...Kathy and Michael

Monday, August 17, 2015

Nolan News

 I have not done a blog since October of last year and I do not know why it has taken me so long to get my act together.  It has been busy with all that has been going on...a few new items in our life.
The big one that just happened last Friday was the birth of Frankie Jean Nolan...our second granddaughter and third grandchild.  She is a precious little girl and her parents and sister are thrilled with her safe arrival.
She weighed 9# 3 oz is was 23 inches long!
 Patrick is the proud Dad once again...he loves his ladies.  He is still at Trinity doing electronic medical record stuff..just got a promotion.  Heather is still a NP at the Cadillac Hospital which is now owned by Munson in TC.  They are building a house and hope to move in by October first!
                                                  Two adorable sister
 Timothy and Casey moved back to Michigan last summer and have bought a house in the Honor/Beulah area.  They have great farm/gardening plans as they have about 5 acres of land.  Timothy is teaching in Manistee...Casey working at the local Co-op and their big news is that their second child is due at the end of September.  So that will be our fourth grandchild!!  WOW
 Finnley is almost 3 a week and is just adorable with her smile and curls.  I am so lucky to have her in my life on a regurlar basis.  She loves her babies and now has one of her own.
 Seamus was 2 in May and is as sweet as his smile shows.  He loves trucks and more trucks.  We have a great time with both of the kids and love having them so close
 Mike and I are well.  Mike added a cigar bar to his store and lounge last February.  The last year has been crazy because of that new item.   I am scheduled to retire at the end of November and I am looking forward to more free time and more grand kids!
I will send out another blog when the next Nolan arrives.  
Smiling in Traverse City....  Kathy and Michael

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Nolan's Have Been Busy

The Traverse City Nolans have had a busy few months.  I do not know where the summer has gone and it is now October!  The summer was cooler than usual and we did not get very many of those 90 degree days with 90 % humidity.  I am not complaining as I am not a warm weather fan but it made the summer different.  Part of the Nolan clan gathered in TC in September...Fran and Harry as well as Bonnie and Jim.  It has been five and a half years since they were in TC...after Mike had his hear surgery.  It was a wonderful to have them back for a visit.
 We spent the first few days in Traverse City and then came out to the cabin.  The weather was ok for part of the time but we did have two days of rain.  There was lots of card playing...hand and foot card game..for those in the know.  Bonnie and Jim sat on Marks Bench for a view of the river...Jim looks like a wild west cool dude.
 We had several family dinners with the kids and grand kids.  They all came to the cabin on one of the rainy days so we had to eat inside...cosy but  lots of fun.
Finnley turned two years old at the end of August.  We went camping for her Birthday weekend with Patrick, Heather and other friends and family.  It was great fun and Grandpa and Finnley enjoyed being together in the Big Bad Boy.
Timothy and Casey are still at our house in TC.  They have a house lined up to rent and will be able to move in soon.  They are both working and Seamus is enjoying to being with Grandma and Finnley for lots of play time.  It is so great to have my two grandchildren here and to see them so often.
 I feel so blessed.

I have mastered the selfie this summer.  Friends Cathy and Mike  came for a weekend in August.  Cathy is a friend from college and sang a few songs in our wedding.  She is blind and a very inspiring and fun person.  She is up for anything and we kayaked for 3 days in a double tip overs and lots of laughing.  We played scrabble, had campfires, sand songs and had a great weekend.  They also spent time in TC and updated us on the winery situation as they visited quite a few.
Grandma and Seamus with the selfie...he loves the stroller and we go on lots of walks.  The selfie below was on the beach on a warm evening..what is wrong with that guy in the back!!  It is such fun to have Seamus in TC and we are glad he brought his parents.  We are at the cabin this weekend and have been enjoying the colors of the trees.  Mike is very busy with his plans for expanding his business to include a cigar bar.  It is slowly progressing and should be open by Thanksgiving.  I will update with pics in the next blog. Love to everyone and we hope you are having a healthy and happy fall season.  Kathy and Michael